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Maurisa Moloto

Maurisa Moloto is a versatile individual known for her remarkable success, networking prowess, and achievements in various domains.  She's involved in Design Thinking, Inclusive Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, and Social Change, reflecting a commitment to impactful work. Mrs. Moloto is affiliated with the University of Cape Town, as evidenced by her presence in their Research Portal [3] and ResearchGate profile. 


Her aspirations in 2023 included strengthening exchange relationships with the Hasso Plattner d-school, reflecting a focus on educational collaboration. Maurisa is part of Women of the Valley, showcasing her involvement as a change activist and her passion for dance and books. She has an active presence on Pinterest and uses Linktree to connect with audiences via Instagram and Facebook. Maurisa Moloto's dynamic involvement spans entrepreneurship, academia, social impact, and educational collaboration, showcasing her diverse interests and contributions across multiple domains.


Maurisa Moloto has over 15 years experience in the development field. Her dynamic involvement spans social innovation, entrepreneurship, education & health across the public, private as well as social sectors. Maurisa holds a BSc Degree in Allied Health Sciences (UCT) and post-graduate studies in Social Entrepreneurship (GIBS) & Inclusive Innovation (GSB). She is passionate about social change for the development of women & youth.


Maurisa enjoys spending time with her family & loves dancing with her husband or beach walks with her 2 daughters.

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